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Common Questions

Don't see the question you want answered below, don't hesitate to get in touch. We'll do our best to get back to you within a few hours. Click here to send us an email.

I've never Paddleboarded before, can I hire a board anyway?

In short, yes you can; however, we would strongly advise you have at least a group lesson to learn the basics.
There are age restrictions on who can hire a paddleboard.

Do I need to own a wetsuit?

No, not at all. Of course, a wet or dry suit is going to keep you protected more while out on the water; however, these are expensive to purchase and alternative clothing would suffice for use in a lesson or hire.

We would recommend lightweight, sports materials that do not absorb large amounts of water, dry quickly and keep you warm without restricting your movement too much.

Example: Gym leggings/trousers, lightweight sports/technical t shirt or thin t shirt and if it's cold, ideally some form of top (again not too much material to absorb water if you fall in).

There are some really useful websites for tips on what to wear. We highly recommend you bring some form of footwear with soft / rubber soles or if you have water shoes, even better. In the warmer summer months, these are less of a concern but sometimes walking along the river banks and shallow waters can be treacherous!

Click Here for Links to Useful Pages.

Can I purchase/rent equipment?

We currently only rent equipment out by the hour / day - perhaps in the future we may start selling. We are more than happy to recommend partners and brands we know and love who you can purchase gear form.

I want to hire paddleboards for my children, is that allowed?

For all lessons and sessions where we provide an instructor, there is no age limit (we'd recommend no younger than 7 or 8) as long as a parent or guardian is with them on the water during the session. For hiring boards without an instructor the main hiring party must be 21 years or above. Children are welcome to use hired boards on the premise that they have an adult supervising them ON the water at all times, wear all the recommended safety equipment (life jacket and have leash attached) and only paddle in conditions that they are competent to do so.

You as the hiring party are solely responsible for their safety during the entire time of hire. Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details.

I've booked for this weekend but the weather looks bad, can I cancel and/or get a refund?

Weather is of course unpredictable to an extent and as such we appreciate it is unfair to charge people if the sessions cannot go ahead due to poor weather. We always make a call on the morning of the day as to whether sessions can go ahead at all or not - in the event that we have to cancel your session, you will be entitled to rebook free of charge or have a full refund.

Do you offer group lessons?

Yes absolutely, Paddleboarding is much more fun in a group. Either book yourself in or book your family / friend group altogether.

Not sure about what you're doing?

Get in touch, we're more than happy to help you decide what's best for you. If you just need some advice on where to paddle, please don't be afraid to ask - we'll always do our best to help. We're a friendly bunch, promise!

Do you have changing facilities on site?

We operate on the river bank so facilities are limited - we do have pop up changing booths / tents for two individuals at a time (similar to a spray tan pop up booth - don't be ashamed if you know what one of those looks like!) but we would recommend coming dressed for the occasion to keep the sessions going on time. If you get wet during the session, you're more than welcome to use the booths to change into dry clothes afterwards too (we'd recommend bringing clothes appropriate to the weather to change into).

Do you have toilets on site?

unfortunately no, much alike the changing situation, we operate on the River bank so toilet facilities are limited. There are restaurants in the Marina and in Bourne End town centre but we cannot guarantee they will allow you to use their facilities unless you are a patron. There are public toilets (that are actually quite clean!) in the car park behind the petrol station. Click here to view them on the map. The best bet though if possible, is spend a penny before you head out to us!

Can I park my car nearby?

There are a few options for parking nearby. Please DO NOT park in the Marina as there are no public places here (unless you are visiting the Corazon Del Rio restaurant - but check with them how long you can stay parked there for).

The surrounding side streets and roads are mainly Double Yellow lines; however, there are a few spots from time to time.

The best options are the free car park on Coldmoorholme Lane - which as the name suggests, is free; however, gets super busy on weekends. Click here for the map.

The other option is the Wakeman Road Car Park (just behind the BP petrol station in the town centre). This is pretty cheap to park and offers the most regular amount of spaces. It's about a 10 minute walk to us from here so please factor that into your journey planning! Click here for the map.

Is there somewhere to store valuables?

It is best to presume that valuables should be left at home or with a loved one/ friend on dry land if they're watching. As there are sometimes two of us on duty, we cannot guarantee someone will be around to safeguard your belongings. We do carry dry bags so if you must bring it with you, you can keep it safe and dry on the board but this is limited to smaller items.

Essential medication, sun cream, phones for pictures, car keys of course can be brought with you in a dry bag.

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