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How to Find Us

We are located on the Riverbank in a private mooring garden called 'Rambler Quay' in Bourne End, the same side of the river as the Marina.

If you're coming from Bourne End town centre as you enter the marina, walk through the footpath, past the Upper Thames Sailing club, along the public footpath and you can't miss us. Right at the end on the left! (There will be signs and flags up).

Coming from Spade Oak way? Cross over the train tracks, turn left and we're right there on your right.


There is no parking in the marina, so please either use the car park on Coldmoorholme Lane (Spade Oak Car Park a 3 minute walk - beware this gets super busy very quickly!) or the car park in Bourne End town centre behind the petrol station on Wakeman Road (this is cheap and no more than a 10 minute walk).​

Please do not park your car on the verges blocking local access.

Our what 3 words are: ///flags.nosedive.tailors

Get In Touch

We're a friendly bunch and we love hearing from everyone.

Got a question?

Don't see something you think we should be doing, ping us a note please.

We need your feedback to be better.

If you want something bespoke, feel free to drop us a line so we can discuss your requirements!

Rambler Quay, Riverside Road, Bourne End, Buckinghamshire

07919 228735

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Our Policy

We believe everyone has the right to give paddleboarding a go, but right now we're not setup to cater for individuals who suffer from a severe disability whereby movement is severely restricted and require assistance to sit or stand. Please do not hesitate to get in touch for more information or discuss if we can do something to change this.

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