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A bit about our Founder

Jamie setup Paddleboard UK in 2021 having been madly in love with the sport for some time. It never occurred previously that maybe he should share his passion with others and bring more people into the sport. Since the COVID pandemic has hit, Paddleboarding has surged to be the most popular and fastest growing watersport worldwide due its easy and Instagram worthy nature, making it appealing for audiences from all walks of life.

An avid adventurer, lover of the outdoors, animal and family mad loving man, doing things differently is his style. He wants everyone to feel welcome to paddleboarding and encourages anyone to come and have a chat, whether you're an expert or complete novice - there are no judgments, just fun and love and care.

His two baby girls, wife Esme, their beloved French Bulldog Beau (also the Paddlerboard UK mascot) are his world - but outside of that, he lives, sleeps and breathes Paddleboarding.

A qualified instructor with the British Stand Up Paddleboard Association (BSUPA), you can rest assured, you're in safe hands and nobody cares more about you having a great time, learning something new and staying safe than him.

Some fun facts about Jamie:

- Can play Alto Saxophone & the Drums to Grade 7 standard.

-Has completed the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award

-Cooks a banging roast dinner

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